Projection Mapping Lelystad

Commissioned by Stadsmuseum Lelystad and Lelystad City Marketing, Sober Industries designed a permanent statue after the image of the Lelystad ‘Huismus’, an Eagle. The city uses the image of this eagle in their PR campaign to promote the city. The statue is designed to last at least five years and is getting his own spot in the city center.

During the opening weekend in which also the LelystART festival took place, we projected custom made animations on the statue, which I had created the animation with Auke Kruithof. During the event a there was an interactive touch panel so the audience was able to control the projected visuals by pushing different buttons. Here I also documented and edited everything.

Date: Mid 2012 & 2013 Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Maya, VDMX, Premiere Location: Lelystad, The Netherlands