Paper Craft Projection Mapping

A personal project, these are paper crafted models created and modelled using Maya and Pepakura. First I modelled these animals myself in Autodesk Maya, and then using Pepakura I flattened these models out, and made then printable. After that I printed them and put them together. Printed these using a A3 printer, and 200gram paper. These models are around 50cm wide and 40cm tall. With Autodesk Maya it is possible  model anything to your likings and these models also be build afterwards to any size. These models also don’t always have to result in paper, but it is the base form and these are the first prototypes. More to come.

Date: Mid 2013 Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Maya, After Effects, Pepakura, Premiere Location: Studio