Film Louwman Museum

The Louwman Museum is a car museum in Den Hague. All the cars in the museum are from Louwman himself and he owes a collection of around 250 amazing cars. From the first car ever build to the most amazing cars in the world. I created this video for Odette Bos-Migchels, who is the event manager in the museum. I created this video for her so that she can use this video for promotional purposes and for clients. I spend over two days of filming, and about two days of editing. I filmed this with the Canon 5D Mark II, using tripods and sliders, and edited it Adobe Premiere. I have to say that this was a exciting and overwhelming project I have worked on, and a museum defiantly worth visiting.

Date: June 2013 Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere Location: The Hague, The Netherlands